TomKat KoolPak

Packaging for our Future

Our Mission


"A passion to be a commercial fisherman has been a driver for most of my life. In 2006 I achieved that life long ambition when I established TomKat Line Fish with my wife Kath.

Our aim is to fish sustainably, reduce wastage and maintain the health and resilience of the Great Barrier Reef. To achieve this, we needed an environmentally responsible, thermally equivalent alternative to Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) fish boxes to transport our premium product direct to market. When we couldn't find  an appropriate alternative, we invented our own.

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Tom and Kath Long
Founders and Directors TomKat Global Solutions

The TomKat KoolPak™ sets a new benchmark in sustainable packaging worldwide. We have developed an environmentally responsible packaging system designed to protect product, preserve the environment, save money and help business meet their sustainable packaging goals and the National Plastics Plan 2021 targets.

The KoolPak™ is not just for seafood! From fish to pharmaceuticals, chicken to chocolate, and beef to berries, if it is temperature sensitive or perishable, the reusable, recyclable KoolPak™ will protect product and keep it fresher and safer longer.

TomKat KoolPak: Packaging for our future.

Every year over half a billion polystyrene boxes, of which 90% are single use, are used by the seafood industry alone - that's enough to circumnavigate our planet 6.5 times.


Include other primary producers, then add on the pharmaceutical industry, and the volume of waste going into landfill is overwhelming! Some of this ends up in our water systems and food chain; we eat it, we drink it, and we have been burying it for decades.


The environmental, economic, and health impacts of non-recyclable plastics are immense, and their continued use is no longer environmentally responsible or socially acceptable.

TomKat Line  Fish is a sustainable wild fishing company that operates on the outer Barrier Reef in far North Queensland.


Faced daily with the destructive effects of climate change and the waste and pollution caused by single-use plastic and polystyrene, Tom and Kath were inspired to change their supply chain and, by doing so, invented a globally accessible reusable packing system.


The KoolPak is born from respect for both their product and their surrounding environment. What started as a solution to deliver wild line-caught fish, sustainably and in premium condition, has revolutionised the packaging of temperature-sensitive and perishable products during transportation and storage while protecting our future.

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Benefits of Koolpak


Protects Product

Sealed edges improve insulation and eliminate bacterial contamination

Durable: no risk of small fragments breaking off


Preserves the Environment

100% recyclable: cradle to cradle principles of sustainability


Additional Benefits

Independently replaceable components

No single use plastic liner bag required with airfreight consignments

Rotational reuse: with each use the system becomes more cost effective

Temperature logging with your mobile phone

KoolPak App traces each KoolPak through its entire life cycle

Light weight and strong

Superior thermal performance

Anti-microbial, food grade liner

Chemically neutral

Flat packable for efficient transportation and storage: over 120 containers per pallet

No noise or chemical smell

Airline approval with the KoolPak 570 Silver 1 having a gross mass of 25kg - limited to 23kg on Qantas for single person lifting (OHS).

Temperature (C)
Time (Minutes)

The orange and blue lines represent the Mean Internal Box Temperature (solid coloured curves) and 95% confidence intervals (corresponding dashed coloured curves) for both box types in the experiment carried out in the sun. 

The KoolPak 570 silver box had a significantly lower internal temperature than the Polystyrene box throughout the duration of the experiment. 

The horizontal solid black line shows the average ambient temperature across the five environmental conditions of the experiment; the dotted lines around it (minimum and maximum temperatures registered across the five runs) show the range of ambient temperatures under which the boxes were tested.

How it Works

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Reusable, recyclable, traceable packaging to protect our future.

“Be the change you
wish to see in the world”

– Gandhi.


Thermal Performance

The three components together have been individually designed to work as one unit: the frame, the interior and the technology. The relationship between the three components plays a vital role thermally and in delivering many other desirable benefits.


We have changed the game in superior sustainable packaging by building traceability and temperature sensing into a thermal container. Our track and trace technology means that TomKat Global Solutions can assign every KoolPak sold to the purchaser. With this level of technology, not only can you prove the provenance of your product, we are providing users with the opportunity to scan off their KoolPaks post-use at an authorised recycling centre, so you can validate your environmental credentials.

With sustainability, reuse and recycling fundamental to the KoolPak system, we have ensured no material is co-mingled which is a major issue with many alternative products significantly limiting any post use recycling. 

The material spec for the KoolPak has developed to be fully recyclable, delivering thermal performance in a form that meets market need and expectations.


Traceability (GPS Location)


Temp. Sensing (NFC Tags)


Clean Recyclability


Supply Chain Transparency


Repeated Use

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