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KoolPak takes packaging to another level by building traceability and temperature sensing into a thermal container through the use of NFC track and trace technology.



The KoolPak App traces each KoolPak through its entire life cycle, facilitating simple re-use trackability. 

Log Scanning

Enables you to check your product without opening the box by logging at scan points throughout the journey and upon arrival.

Data & Reporting

Our technology provides companies data to monitor, achieve and report on their targets for sustainable packaging.

Dispatch Registration

Showcase the provenance of your product by scanning the KoolPak tag with your mobile phone to view the product at dispatch. 

Tomkat Koolpak App - Trackability
TomKat KoolPak App - Log Scanning


With the help of NFC track and trace technology, every KoolPak sold can be assigned to the purchaser

The purchaser can track and monitor boxes and the temperature of their contents.


This tracking technology has evolved from a collaboration involving the US electronics corporation Texas Instruments and the Taiwan-based Securitag Assembly Group, along with Sydney software developer Luk Solutions which has created the software and smartphone app for reading the NFC tags. 

A breakthrough in Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and software has allowed gate scanning equipment developed with Feig Electronic to read multiple tags at once, at speed, including temperature sensor tags. 


The blockchain tracking and traceability function has proved popular in market tests

For producers, for instance, it has the potential to provide data from the fisher or farmer along the entire supply chain to a restaurant where the data can be translated into a QR code and added to a menu.


For Tom and Kath, personally, it also means that any part of a KoolPak washed-up on a beach can be tracked backwards to work out how it got there. It is all part of the Longs’ ethos of "social responsibility in action" which underpins the business. 

With this level of engineering, not only can clients prove the provenance of their product, but they also have the opportunity to scan off their KoolPaks post multiple uses at an authorised recycling centre, validating their environmental credentials.

TomKat KoolPak App - Data Reporting
Fish 2.0


This graph demonstrates how the TomKat KoolPak performed against
expanded polystyrene when left in the sun.

TomKat KoolPak Superior Thermal Performance
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