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Globally, more than one third of food produced each year is not consumed. If wasted food was a country, it would be the third largest greenhouse gas emitter on the planet.


Every year over half a billion polystyrene boxes (90% single-use) are used by the seafood industry alone - that's enough to circumnavigate our planet 6.5 times. 

Now consider other primary producers, add on the pharmaceutical industry and the volume of waste going into landfill is overwhelming. Some of this ends up in our water systems and food chain; we eat it, we drink it, and we have been burying it for decades. 


The environmental, economic, and health impacts of single-use and non-recyclable plastics are immense; their continued use is no longer environmentally responsible or socially acceptable.

TomKat KoolPak The Problem
The TomKat KoolPak Solution


A globally accessible, reusable, recyclable and traceable packaging system.

Faced daily with the destructive effects of climate change and the waste and pollution caused by single-use plastic and polystyrene, Tom and Kath were inspired to change their supply chain and, by doing so, invented a globally accessible reusable packaging system.

Their family-owned business TomKat Line Fish is a sustainable wild line fishing company that operates on the outer Barrier Reef in Far North Queensland.


The KoolPak is born from respect for both their product and their surrounding environment. What started as a solution to transport wild line-caught fish sustainably has revolutionised the cold chain industry by providing packaging to protect our future.


The reusable KoolPak is a multi-layered product with a unique design that facilitates excellent thermal performance

The three components have been individually designed to work as one unit: the frame, the interior and the technology. The relationship between the three components plays a vital role thermally and in delivering many other desirable benefits. 


We have changed the game in superior sustainable packaging by building traceability and temperature sensing into a thermal container. Our track and trace technology benefits mean that TomKat Global Solutions can assign every KoolPak sold to the purchaser. With this level of technology, not only can we prove the provenance of your product, we are providing users with the opportunity to scan off their KoolPaks post-use at an authorised recycling centre, validating their environmental credentials. 

The TomKat KoolPak Difference
TomKat KoolPak Sustainability


The materials used for the KoolPak have been developed to be fully recyclable

With sustainability, reuse and recycling fundamental to the KoolPak system, we have ensured no material is co-mingled: a significant issue with many alternative products as it limits any post-use recycling.


The material spec for the KoolPak has been developed to be fully recyclable, delivering thermal performance in a form which exceeds market expectations.


Environmentally responsible packaging that is robust, stackable, lightweight and thermally insulated. KoolPak ticks all the boxes!

The KoolPak can be used to transport everything from primary produce to pharmaceuticals. It is perfect for temperature sensitive and perishable products which need thermal protection during transportation.

Independent research by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries illustrated the superior thermal performance of the KoolPak under certain circumstances such as if a consignment was left in direct sunlight or extreme cold for hours waiting to be loaded onto transport.

KoolPaks are durable and capable of being stacked without the risk of collapsing if a heavier box was placed on top or if the boxes were stacked at odd angles. 

TomKat KoolPak Protect Our Future
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