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Aus Industry
The Accelerated Commercialisation Program
The KoolPak project is supported by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources through the Accelerating Commercialisation Program. We were fortunate to receive our grant in March 2019, and it has been instrumental in getting the project to where it is now.
Development activities like the Trade Bursary Program and FISH-X
FRDC’s investment in development activities such as the Trade Bursary Program and FISH-X were the start of the journey of the KoolPak. "This product not only has enormous market potential; but could help lift the image of the Australian seafood industry." ​ Dr Patrick Hone, Managing Director (Fisheries Research and Development Corporation)
HopGood Ganim
Assisted us with all things IP and our evolving company structure
Hopgood Ganim Lawyers is a leading Australian independent legal and advisory firm. Associated with the project from the beginning the professional team has assisted us with all things IP and our evolving company structure. Their advice, assistance and professionalism is greatly appreciated.
LUK Solutions
App Development, Blockchain integration
& NFC requirements
LUK Solutions handles everything IT, from Android/iOS App development and blockchain integration to our specific IoT and NFC requirements.
Developing custom antimicrobial films for our thermal liner
Richdale Plastics is our polyethylene film developer and supplier. They have been committed to developing custom films needed for the thermal liner, in particular antimicrobial films.
Delivers advanced mechanical engineering & simulation services
Metis Design & Engineering is an Australian company that delivers advanced mechanical engineering and simulation services. The qualified team delivers professional solutions in design, simulation, verification and certification that support industries to move swiftly into production and deliver successful projects. ​ Each team member at Metis DE share the same drive to exceed best industry practices and ethics.
Qld Govt
Rigorous testing in a variety of situations to provide empirical data
Like so many involved in the KoolPak project, QDAF have been with us since the beginning. Sue and her team have put the KoolPaks through their paces with rigorous testing in a variety of situations to provide the empirical data we use to support our claim: “TomKat KoolPaks have equivalent thermal performance to standard size Expanded Polystyrene Fish Boxes and exceed their performance in some conditions.”
Transform Australian manufacturing to be more globally competitive
The purpose of AMGC is to transform Australian Manufacturing to be more globally competitive and generate the demand for jobs.
NLA International
Blue Economy Solutions that create sustainable ocean environments
The team at NLA International, who advocate the implementation of Blue Economy solutions to create sustainable ocean environments, have been passionate supporters of the KoolPak project. They have made many extremely valuable high-level introductions for us and we value their mentorship and support.
Further developing
our bespoke NFC temperature sensing tag
When we decided to integrate NFC into the KoolPak, SAG was our company of choice. Beyond assembling our standard NFC tags, they have a significant role in further development our NFC temperature sensor tag. A special thanks go to Texas Instruments for component supply within this.
Supplier of our custom designed outer polypropylene box
Corex are industry leaders in facilitating the truly sustainable existence of plastic in our world. Corex believe polymers can be of great benefit to our society, when managed responsibly. Their unique properties and recyclability allow for infinite function with excellent endurance. When applied in a circular economy model, the use of polymer reduces strain on natural resources and creates greater supply chain efficiency.
Design Basement
Development of our new brand identity & corporate communications
With over 20 years experience in corporate branding, print publications & digital media, as well as a range of services from concept to delivery and everything in between. Andrea has designed our new brand identity and is also responsible for our brand development, brand rollout, corporate communications and website design.
Delivering outcomes that embrace value in everything we do
Delivering outcomes that embrace value in everything we do is fundamental to a vibrant and prosperous community that ‘loves the place we live’ and is summed up in our vision statement - "...One Coast: Cassowary Coast..."
Ignintes Advance QLD
‘Proudly supported by the Advance Queensland initiative.'
Advance Queensland supports programs that drive innovation, build on our natural advantages, and help raise our profile as an attractive investment destination. We are providing opportunities for start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business and supporting industry, investors and universities and researchers with programs, funding and grants.
NCE Seafood Innovation
Mobilising joint forces with sustainable innovation projects
NCE Seafood Innovation aims to contribute to sustainable seafood growth, by focusing on innovation. We believe that mobilizing joint forces is the way forward, and our cluster contributes through sustainable innovation projects and by facilitating interaction across the industry. Promoting team efforts is a focal point. As a member you benefit from access to a wide range of services and activities related to our key strategic business areas: competence, innovation and entrepreneurship. As a collective we benefit from your contributions to innovative and sustainable solutions for further growth within the seafood industry. It is imperative we fulfil the UN’s sustainability goals. To achieve this, we put every effort into facilitating global partnerships and properly preserving and utilizing our oceans and marine resources.
Develop bespoke machinery & equipment to commercialise KoolPak
For over 60 years, ORION Electronic Equipment has specialised in the design & manufacture of state-of-the-art plastic bag-making machinery. Their professional and experienced design team work with us to develop bespoke machinery and equipment to begin commercialising the KoolPak.
Our physically
cross-linked polyethylene foam supplier
Sekisui Foam Australia is committed to a corporate policy that recognises the utmost importance of our living environment. Their responsibility to the environment during the development of products and in all of their manufacturing processes is of highest priority. The internationally accepted ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard forms the basis of the Sekisui Foam Australia Environmental Management System.
Euro Pumps
Developing automated cleaning systems assisting with rational re-use
Europumps is an Australian market leader in sustainable cleaning solutions. They have been an early stage believer in the KoolPak project and have been involved in developing automated cleaning solutions that will assist with rotational re-use.



Join our exclusive corporate family on this journey to protect our future with reusable, recyclable and traceable packaging

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