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Tom Long is an experienced Project Manager, small business owner, commercial fisherman, licenced plumber and inventor. His life-long dream of becoming a commercial fisherman and growing a successful, sustainable fishing business lead Tom and Kath to Far North Queensland and the pristine waters of the outer Great Barrier Reef.

Wanting to promote the provenance of his first-class reef fish, Tom and Kath achieved Seafood Processing Accreditation and soon Tom’s fish were on the tables of some of Australia’s most well-known restaurants. Faced daily with waste and pollution caused by single-use plastics, Tom and Kath were inspired to change their supply chain and invented a globally accessible, reusable, trackable packaging system.

The KoolPak is born from respect for both their product and surrounding environment. What started as a solution to deliver wild line-caught fish sustainably has revolutionised the packaging of temperature sensitive and perishable products globally.

As COO of TomKat Global Solutions, Tom, who has an innate ability to problem solve, continues to focus on essential R & D work to design the machinery to manufacture KoolPaks commercially. KoolPak boxes, which were patented in 2019, are a fisher driven solution to a global problem.



Commercial Fisherman

Project Manager

Licensed Plumber


Investor Relations

Capital Raising

Co-Founder TomKat Line Fish

A sustainably operated commercial line fishing business

2022 Finalist

Cairns Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards

Sustainability Category

2019 Top 40 Fish 2.0

2019 Finalist

National Seafood Awards

2019 COO and Director

TomKat Global Solutions and Kool Global Solutions

2019 Co-Founder

TomKat Global Solutions Pty Ltd

A wholly owned subsidiary of Kool Global Solutions Pty Ltd IP holding company

2018 Winner

QLD Seafood Industry Small Business Award

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