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Kath Long is an educator and businesswoman. Her passion for motivating young minds in sustainable planet conscious thinking, combined with her enormous connection to and respect for the environment, has defined her career.

A commitment to setting up their own sustainable line fishing company led Kath and Tom to the natural beauty of Far North Queensland.

While continuing to teach, Kath worked alongside Tom to create and grow TomKat Line Fish - an ecological, sustainable line fishing company that operates on the outer reefs of the UNESCO heritage Great Barrier Reef.

The combination of her professional career as an educator and business career with TomKat led to an inevitable review of packaging within their fishing business. The result was the creation of the KoolPak, a sustainable packaging alternative to polystyrene, and the foundation of their company TomKat Global Solutions.

As CEO of TomKat Global Solutions, Kath assists in the daily operations of TomKat Line Fish and TomKat Global Solutions and works to promote the KoolPak, sustainability and the importance of avoiding food waste.

Kath has raised four children, two dogs and inspired at least 1,000 young minds to make it their business to build a better world.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela.



Education in Sustainability

Business Woman

Human Relations


On-line Content Writing

Co-Founder TomKat Line Fish

A sustainably operated commercial line fishing business

2022 Finalist

Cairns Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards

Sustainability Category

2019 Pitched KoolPak Project

Stanford University, San Francisco

2019 Top 40 Fish 2.0

2019 Finalist

National Seafood Awards

2019 CEO and Director

TomKat Global Solutions and Kool Global Solutions

2019 - Co-Founder

TomKat Global Solutions Pty Ltd

A wholly owned subsidiary of Kool Global Solutions Pty Ltd IP holding company

2018 Winner

QLD Seafood Industry Small Business Award

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