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Daryl Farrow has been associated with the KoolPak Project from its inception in 2019, and with extensive experience in plastics film technology and innovation in recyclable and sustainable plastics, he has been instrumental in assisting with the development of many elements of the KoolPak box.

Daryl’s career in plastics film technology commenced over 30 years ago with an Engineering Cadetship with Transpac in New Zealand. Daryl recalls this as the pioneering days of film technology developing barrier films for the NZ Dairy and Meat Industry. At that time, equipment and know how was not easily acquired so Daryl had to be creative and solutions focussed to resolve the many challenges.

Following this, Daryl worked with ABM Plastics, Australia as the Blown Film Extrusion Plant Manager before moving to Andrew Kohn Pty Ltd as the Technical Manager for 17 years where he was responsible for creating a new division for the business in flexibles packaging.

Daryl moved to Richdale Plastics to join the team to develop new film technologies as the Quality + Innovations Manager where he is currently building technology for many industries within Australia and further afield.

Daryl believes that today’s market is a challenging one and he welcomes the Federal Government’s direction to make plastics more recycle friendly and sustainable which has really opened up the realm of major innovation for all.

Daryl is currently involved in a large number of projects to make plastic packaging recyclable and fully sustainable including the TomKat KoolPak®.



30+ Years Plastics Film Technology

Blown Film Extrusion Plant Manager

Technical Manager

Flexible Packaging

Quality and Innovations Manager

Innovation in Recyclable and Sustainable Plastics

Projects to eradicate PET, Nylon and PVDC coatings from packaging film structures

Major Development Projects with Polymer Networks Globally

HACCP Certified

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