Our Kool-aborators

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Fisheries Research and Development Corporation

FRDC’s investment in development activities such as the Trade Bursary Program

and FISH-X were the start of the journey of the KoolPak. "This product not only has enormous market potential; but could help lift the image of the Australian seafood industry." 

Dr Patrick Hone
Managing Director
Fisheries Research and Development Corporation


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Oceanic Agencies

Oceanic Agencies, who tried to find an environmentally responsible, re-usable and recyclable alternative for us for transportation of our TomKat Line Fish, has been with us from the beginning. They are the National Distributor for the KoolPak.

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Richdale Plastics

Richdale Plastics is our polyethylene film developer and supplier. They have been committed to developing custom films needed for the thermal liner, in particular antimicrobial films.



Corex Australia supplied the original custom designed carrier box used in our "Proof of Concept" trial in which we flew our TomKat Line Fish to Sydney for Lolla Producer 2018.  The dimensions and folding arrangements have changed a little, but they are still the developer and supplier of our outer polypropylene box.

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St Peter

Josh Niland, who is well-known for showcasing sustainably sourced seafood in his St Peter Restaurant, started purchasing our TomKat Line Fish in 2018. Now Josh and his team are enthusiastic supporters of the KoolPak project as we aim to provide the seafood industry with an environmentally responsible alternative to polystyrene fish boxes.

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Invention Pathways

Invention Pathways were our first contact when looking at Intellectual Property. They have supported us throughout the journey.


Luk Solutions

LUK Solutions handles everything IT, from Android/iOS App development and blockchain integration to our specific IoT and NFC requirements.


Sekisui Foam Australia

Sekisui Foam Australia, who cite responsibility to the environment in all of their manufacturing processes as highest priority, is our physically cross-linked polyethylene foam developer and supplier.



Europumps is an Australian market leader in cleaning solutions. They have been an early stage believer in the KoolPak project, involved in developing automated cleaning solutions that will assist with rotational re-use.

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Farmer Meets Foodie

Farmer Meets Foodie, Erica Hughes, has teamed up with Austral Fisheries and Start Some Good to bring The Summer of Sustainable Seafood to Far North Queensland. Aimed at improving consumer awareness about the provenance of their seafood, Erica and her team will be using TomKat KoolPaks to deliver prawns and bugs from the Gulf of Carpentaria direct to homes and restaurants in Cairns.