A Kool Journey

February 2018

Focused on building a direct to market business for TomKat Line Fish, we attended a Fish - X Micro Hack in Brisbane. Following that, we were invited to participate in the Fish - X Accelerator program. Many of the amazing people we met during that time are still a fundamental part of our journey today.

April 2018

The KoolPak journey really starts with a Fisheries Research and Development Corporation Trade Bursary to visit and meet with leading seafood businesses in London and attend the Brussels Seafood Expo Global. One of our aims was to find an environmentally responsible, thermally efficient alternative to polystyrene fish boxes. We couldn't!

July 2018

Provisional Patent filed ‘Thermal Insulating Containers’ Application No: 2018902424

March 2019

Received an AusIndustry Accelerating Commercialisation Grant for further development and commercialisation of the TomKat KoolPak.

May/June 2019

Volume.27 No.1 We got the front cover of “What’s new in FOOD Technology and Manufacturing” magazine.

July 2019

Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries release official test data illustrating the effective thermal performance of the KoolPak.

20-21 August 2019

We participated in the FRDC Chilled v Frozen program as the supplier of Gold Band Snapper in both filleted frozen and filleted chilled form. We took this opportunity to airfreight our TomKat Line Fish in our further developed KoolPak with excellent results.

9-11 October 2019

As a finalist in the 2019 Seafood Directions - small business award category we had the opportunity to display prototype KoolPaks on our National Distributor Oceanic Agencies stand at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

November 2019

Fish 2.0 This was a real highlight. Kath pitched in the 3rd and final round of the program at Stanford University. Previously, Kath had pitched the KoolPak project in Melbourne for the first round and Brisbane for the second round. Our Business Value Proposition received a 97% score from the investor panel judges.

January 2020

PCT Patent Application Published PCT/AU2019/000080 ‘Thermal Insulating Containers’

February 2020

Trade Mark TOMKAT KOOLPAK  Registered. Australia 1 495 656
Designations under the Madrid Protocol: European Union, Japan, New Zealand and the United States of America.

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April 2020

Pat. Pending No: 2020901223  ‘A Container Blank and a Process for Forming a Container’

April 2020

Airline Approval Test Report No: 8597 Falcon Test Engineers 23.04.2020 for the Transport of “Live, fresh, chilled and frozen product using ice or gel packs for added thermal protection” by Air.
Proposed Use: Transport of Live, Chilled and Frozen Product - Dangerous Goods and Gross Mass no Greater than 25Kg.

July 2020

Jo from Euro Pumps worked her magic. "It is over a week old & it stinks really bad.  I wanted a really bad scenario. The box came our super clean and smelled fresh too. "The inner liner is much stronger than it would appear."

July 2020

Fresh premium quality Goldband Snapper were sent to Josh Niland at St Peter Restaurant and Fish Butchery Paddington. On receipt, Josh commented, "All went very well. The fish were stunning and no moisture got into the fish at all. The temp was 1 ° C . The packaging looks stunning but above all and what was most exciting to see was the fish still in rigor, very cold and not damaged at all. Success!"

September 2020

We designed and manufactured a prototype drying and storing rack. This rack can hold 60 lids, bases and liners taking up very little space.

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